Council unanimously supports downtown Civic Plaza

Civic Plaza

SAULT STE. MARIE, ON – During the council meeting, a presentation was made on the Downtown Civic Plaza.

Colin Berman grew up in Sault Ste. Marie and one of the main designers of the project at the engineering firm BrookMcIlroy.

His presentation focused around the main attractions of the plaza. A skating rink in the winter which doubles as a waterpark in the summer.

He highlighted events that could be held there.

“We can see two event scenarios, a concert for about 2500 people and an outdoor market,” said Berman while talking about the lower area of the design.

“The market space at the south end does triple duty. It’s a safe passageway for pedestrians, a parking area and a potential new home for the Algoma outdoor farmers market.”

All the councillors are on-board with this plan.

“This is spectacular. I’m really, really excited about this. (Thank-you) Mr. Berman and Mr. Baer for bringing this forward today. This is such a great shot in the arm for the city, it’s going to be a great source of pride,” said Ward One councillor Paul Christian.

This is like having a dream and it is a dream. Like it’s a dream and then slowly, but surely over time, it becomes this amazing, phenomenal reality,” said Ward Three councillor Donna Hilsinger. “There needs to be more words than excitement. We have to come up with some words, better than excitement is just fantastic.”

The cost was estimated at $6.6 million when the project was first presented to the council by city staff.

The city has applied to different funding sources including the northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation and FedNor.

The city will be looking for feedback over the next month and hope to be back with a path to funding and final plan in that time.

The motion to receive the report as information was carried staff was instructed to move forward with the next steps.


  1. This Mayor spends money like a drunken sailor,its time to take back city hall.When he got elected he said he would clean up city halls ineventiencies,instead hes added staff. Time to throw this council and Mayor out.No more Tax hikes.

  2. Six million dollars would have been better spent on a ‘LONG TERM TREATMENT CENTER’ .. what is this Nit-Wited fixation our Mayor has with skating rinks. Time to show them all to the curb. +1-vote #NoConfidence

    Strange daze indeed..

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