Credit rating, construction, Civic Plaza on SSM Council Agenda

Civic Plaza

The agenda for tonight’s city council meeting has been set and money seems to be the theme.

A presentation by BrookMcIlroy is going to show a conceptual design of what may become the Civic Plaza. The design features a skating rink, fire pit and multiple play areas on 0.77 ha of property bordered by Queen, Bay, Brock and Spring streets in the downtown. The design team drew their inspiration from the St. Mary’s River rapids and used projects in Guelph, Thunder Bay and Newmarket as comparison projects.

The agenda also gives a glimpse into the construction season next year. Projects on the Third Line between the Hospital and Black Street, the Sackville extension to the third line and Mark St. reconstruction highlight some of the possible projects in next year’s construction season. Council is being asked to approve the report so engineering services can be procured for the projects.

A report from S&P Global Financial shows the credit rating will stay stable at AA. The report points to a low debt load, cost-cutting measures and provincial funding as the basis for the rating staying the same. However, it notes the locational challenges as well as demographic challenges will limit the growth prospects of the City.

Sault Council will be held tonight at 4:30 p.m.


  1. Six million dollars would have been better spent on a ‘LONG TERM TREATMENT CENTER’ .. what is this Nit-Wited fixation our Mayor has with skating rinks. Time to show them all to the curb. +1-vote #NoConfidence

    Strange daze indeed..

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