Derek Sloan says no regrets over failed bid for Conservative leadership


OTTAWA — Conservative MP Derek Sloan, who finished last in the party’s recent leadership race, says he has no regrets about his campaign.

Sloan says he supports the winner of the race, Erin O’Toole, and looks forward to working with him while also continuing to champion his own causes.

Sloan ran a campaign squarely aimed at the right-most corners of the party, and one that was pockmarked by comments that caused handwringing about whether he should even remain in the party.

While O’Toole stood up for Sloan at the time, he did leave him off the list of critics tapped to question government ministers when Parliament resumes.

After leadership races, the winner often puts rivals in prominent positions but Sloan said he understands the direction O’Toole wants to go.

Sloan says he felt welcomed today by his fellow MPs during their first caucus meeting since the race, and he supports the direction he sees O’Toole wanting to take them in the months to come.