Ford orders bars and restaurants close early, strip clubs closed

Bar Taps

Bars and restaurants are being ordered to close earlier while strip clubs are being told to close altogether as Ontario aims to curb rising COVID-19 rates in the province.

Bars and restaurants must close by midnight – except for takeout and delivery – and stop serving alcohol by 11 p.m.

The move comes after the province changed the rules surrounding social gatherings last week, lowering the number of people permitted at unstaffed outdoor events to 25 and indoor events to 10.

Health Minister Christine Elliott says the tighter regulations will help limit the potential for exposure in places where the risk of transmission is higher.


  1. maybe its time these small businesses that have been forced closed then open at sometimes less then 1/2 capacity should see their property and business taxes cut by an equal amount…..just about had enough of cryin Vladimier (sp) Ford.

  2. Have none of you witnessed the abrupt change in behaviours as closing time approaches? Yes a couple hours make a significant difference. Those are the hours where the more foolish drink the heaviest and become the most inebriated. Just ask the police and they’ll tell you between midnight and 4am it’s like people have suddenly turned crazy.

  3. So…I guess if you mingle in a bar up to 11 p.m. you will not get the virus. It sounds like the virus strikes at 11. This only a bandaid solution by Ford. As long as folks are allowed to mix there will be virus problems.

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