Huron Central Railway closing this year

Huron Central Railway

The freight rail line between Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury is closing at the end of this year.

Genesee & Wyoming, the American company that owns the line, says the shutdown of the Huron Central Railway will move ahead as planned – unless the government comes up with some funding.

Talks, which had been progressing well, had ground to a halt because of the pandemic.

The company says over 40 jobs will be lost if it goes ahead with the shutdown.

By: Mike McDonald, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter


  1. Let it go… the loss of 40 jobs won’t make much of a dent in our economy and it will give a hundred truckers a job which will provide a lot more spin-off jobs.. That rail line is a total disaster anyway.. All you need to do is stand by the tracks and watch the way the train wobbles as it comes along to know the tracks are in bad shape.. no wonder they are restricted to slow speeds along most of the right of way….

  2. Enough is enough of taxpayer money being used to prop up private companies which have absolutely no benefit to the average Joe ! You can’t make it on your own then sell the company or close her up.

  3. They are multi-billionaires that own or lease over 120 railroads and do not need handouts. Let them go there are other rail links to get the job done. Enough of their threats call their bluff.

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