Local Resident with Incurable Cancer is Helping Researchers Get One Step Closer to a Cure


On Sunday, September 13, Craig Morrison will be participating in the 10th annual Sault Ste. Marie Multiple Myeloma March. When Craig was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a little-known and incurable cancer of the plasma cells, it didn’t come as a complete shock. After being closely monitored for over 20 years, Craig’s biggest fear became a reality when he was officially diagnosed in 2016 at age 69.

Craig immediately received chemotherapy in order to prepare for a stem cell transplant. Thanks to advances in treatment, his condition is now stable. He is currently on a maintenance program in order to keep his cancer in check.

He is now eager to do what he can to help others living with the disease. Craig and his fellow Sault Ste. Marie Marchers set their fundraising goal at $20,000 to help further critical research for this deadly blood cancer.

Myeloma is the second most common form of blood cancer. Every day, nine new Canadians are diagnosed with myeloma. Despite its growing prevalence, it remains largely unknown.

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