Opinion: Do NOT Cancel Halloween


By Matthew Frank Kot

With Halloween coming up in a month from now, I feel compelled to add my voice to the great debate raging in the Twitterverse, in this country, and in our great community: Should we cancel Halloween this year?

My answer is HELL NO.

Over the past seven months, we have seen disruption after disruption of our normal routines and schedules. Sacrifices have been made to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. We do our part, wearing masks, constantly sanitizing our hands, and practicing safe distancing in public. Our workplaces are different, as are the classrooms of our children.

We have deprived our children of enough this year. We cannot deprive them of trick or treating.

Dressing up and going from house to house for two hours, filling a pillowcase full of candy, chocolates, chips, the occasional pop can, those are some of my best childhood memories.

Trick-or-treating may not be as popular now as it was when I was growing up in the late 90’s-early 2000’s, but there are still thousands of children in this community who are hopeful that they can go out this year to collect lots of candy!

Children can wear masks and gloves, if no gloves, there should be hand sanitizer nearby. Social distancing can occur in driveways and walkways. Homeowners can put down tape “X”s as a reminder to keep 6 feet apart.

And for those who love to hand out candy, wear a mask at the door when handing out and also have sanitizer nearby to kill those germs!

Do NOT leave bowls of candy on your porch or steps – it’s easier to literally steal candy from a baby than to steal money from a car. With the noticeable rise in thefts in our city as of late (92% increase in theft from vehicles from 2019), one would not be wise to leave a bowl of sweets out unsupervised when it’s dark out!

I know individuals who are most vulnerable to this virus – folks who are elderly and with pre-existing conditions – who are determined to hand out candy this year. It’s for the children, and nothing is cuter than a little princess or superhero saying “Trick or Treat!” and Thank you!” It just warms the heart. The older generations have faced hardships, and they have went above and beyond so far this year to “flatten the curve.” Nobody can blame them for wanting to see even just a few hours of normalcy.

The people of Sault Ste. Marie have always been kind, caring, and generous. On October 31, I implore you all to open your hearts, and your minds, and your doors to the children. Do NOT “cancel” Halloween.



  1. Exactly Palmer, those who are worried have no problem going to the dollar store or grocery store and grab an item and put it back on shelf, how many people touched that item, you dont know!! This whole virus thing has become way over blown, there may be lots of cases but very very low death rate, those who get sick I’m sorry to say is the elderly and those with other complicating factors ie copd etc, if you are healthy it’s just a cold!!!!

  2. 700 new cases in Ontario today…Screw Halloween !!!!! If the ankle biters can’t go to school because of this crap then they sure as hell shouldn’t be out going door to door sponging treats..All it would take is a couple kids with symptoms wandering all over a neighborhood shoulder to shoulder with a thousand other kids to really increase the numbers…..No lights on at my place this year…

  3. If you can hand off coffees and fast food at fast food outlets to thousands of people daily, and you can’t give a few kids some candy, you know you’re being played!!

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