Positive COVID-19 Test Result Confirmed at Sault College

Sault College

Sault Ste. Marie, ON September 24, 2020 – Sault College has been informed that a positive COVID-19 test result was confirmed within our campus community. While the College has been closed to the general public, limited students and staff have been onsite since early September with safeguards in place to protect the health and safety of the campus community.

Algoma Public Health has deemed this to be low risk at this time. As part of the College’s gradual reopening plan, it has developed an extensive COVID-19 pandemic plan in consultation with local public health and implemented key preventative protocols including: mandatory masks throughout the building, in common spaces, in labs and where physical distancing cannot be maintained, strategies to ensure physical distancing throughout campus, scanning into the building, a controlled single point of entry and exiting, enhanced disinfecting procedures and schedules, restricting face-to-face meetings, and ensuring anyone who enters the College has completed the COVID-19 awareness training that outlines all protocols and expectations while on campus. The College has and will continue to enforce these strong preventative protocols.

“First and foremost we hope for a safe and speedy recovery of our campus community member,” said Dr. Ron Common, President, Sault College. “The College has established thorough processes to protect the health and safety of the College. These processes allowed us to identify and contact trace members of the campus community that were potentially at risk. We are confident in the mechanisms that we have put in place to keep our College safe and we will continue to work closely with APH to assist in its efforts regarding this positive test result.”


  1. So much for International students self isolating for 14 days. Unbelievable! Not only should they be charged for failing to follow Covid protocol, but they should also be charged for criminal negligence for putting everyone else at the college at risk. Their student visa should also be revoked immediately, all medical expenses be paid by them then returned home ASAP. We need to send the message that the law is the law and we mean business when it comes to keeping Canadians safe. Especially when it comes to Covid. Zero tolerance, not just for foreigners, but everyone!

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