Sault Airport Sees Increase But Passengers Still Down Over 93%

Sault Airport

Passenger traffic for April to August 2020 totalled 5,854 passengers.  This represents a decrease of 93.6%.  The past five months of traffic levels are as follows:


Month Passengers Change from Previous Year
April 63 -99.6%
May 69 -99.6%
June 440 -97.5%
July 2,112 -88.8%
August 3,170 -84.8%


The Sault Ste Marie Airport Development Corporation is a private not for profit corporation that owns and operates the Sault Ste. Marie Airport.  The SSMADC must self-fund all operational and capital costs with user fees, leases, and customer pay items such as car park and AIF (Airport Improvement Fee).

Aircraft traffic levels have also been greatly reduced since the onset of the pandemic the latest available data covers through June 2020 and shows the following levels for the last three months:

Month Aircraft Movements Change from Previous Year
April 575 -91.0%
May 875 -89.6%
June 954 -87.7%


Bearskin Airlines effective September 14th will be operating 2 flights Sunday and 4 daily flights Monday to Friday.  Air Canada Express has increased service to up to two daily flights effective Monday August 10th 2020.  This continues to be a major decrease in flight options compared to September of 2019 when Air Canada was flying 4 daily flights, Porter had up to 3 daily flights, and Bearskin was flying up to 7 daily flights.

Terry Bos President and CEO of the SSMADC stated “Although the increase from June to July was encouraging, that increase did not follow through into August as there was only minimal return to normal growth.  This slower growth pattern is now starting to move below projections for return to growth and will if continued result in a very challenging operating environment especially with the soon to return winter maintenance operations.  The airport operation is designed to run on closer to 20,000 passengers per month and 5,000 aircraft movements per month.  The slowing growth in passengers is resulting in no additional frequency being added.”