Twin Saults Intertwined – Sault Michigan Mayor

Mayor Don Gerrie

The mayor of Sault Ste Marie, Michigan says his city and its Ontario counterpart can serve as a role model for border communities across the country. Much like the regional approach to reopening businesses in Ontario, Don Gerrie would like to see a similar approach to reopening the Canada-US border.

“Our relationship is unique and our twin Saults are the model for what an international border relationship should be,” says Gerrie. “I am confident that our communities can be the role model for the rest of the border communities and show that we take personal responsibility for ourselves and each other.”

Gerrie says aside from the obvious economic impact of the border closure, the twin Saults are also suffering from the social impact.

“I cannot tell you the number of people I have spoken to that are separated from family on either side of the border,” he says. “Some who are spouses and others who have family that depend on them in some way or another for care. This separation can cause larger emotional and even physical issues that may have an even larger negative impact to our communities than the COVID shutdown has.”

Gerrie goes on to say that national news coverage does little to accurately represent the local situation, pointing out that local and regional numbers pertaining to the pandemic are much lower than that of major urban centres – which he adds are hours away from our region.

The mayor says based on conversations with his constituents, Sault Ontario visitors are missed – adding that it’s critical the border be open again sooner rather than later.


  1. Well I’m sorry but the COVID-19 is a virus and yes it can be deadly to ones that have underlining respiratory problems… I am not disagreeing that the COVID-19 is a scary virus but if we let our government control our lives we will become a communist country… for the folks that keep saying the borders should stay close you apparently don’t have loved ones on the other side ones that you need to hold and comfort… Please consider making more exemptions for committed couples adult family members trust me we in the US we are just as cautious …there are some of our states that aren’t complying to the rules… but if you stop looking at the news media which is definitely playing against us… they are not saying the truth not all of it… If the borders do not want to open as of now for tourism that is fine but please have a heart and some empathy for us who need to be with our loved ones…TY

  2. Please open the border. This Mayor is spot on with his comments. My husband ( Canadian) and myself ( American) have a 7 weeks old son that he can’t cross the border to see. It’s so heart breaking and very difficult for me to pack up a newborn and go up to Canada to see him.

  3. The border MUST REMAIN CLOSED. With more cases in Sault Mich surrounding areas, Pickford, Bay Mills and also L S S U , WHY would the border open . We have family in the U S and would love to see them but for our health & their’s, it is best to keep the border closed until this DARN VIRUS either goes away or is under control.We have missed family weddings but we would all agree that our lives are more important than to take a chance. We can all get together once this is over. Also, students should NOT be able to cross over to L S S U OR STUDENTS USA should Not be able to come to school in Canada. Yes they are suppose to go to & from home to school but if anyone believes they will, than THINK AGAIN.BE WISE & SAFE ALL.

    • What would the outcome of an election have to do with this?
      Are you one of those anti-science people (mainly Canadian Liberal or NDP supporters) who believe the virus chooses political sides?

  4. I sympathize with the families being affected by this however I’m afraid that people in the US have gotten such mixed messages from their leadership that they don’t know how to properly protect themselves and as a consequence us!
    You see it in their Anti-mask rally’s, their political rally’s, the pics of the hundreds gathered at Mackinaw Island Ferry terminals is photo proof of a ‘local’ occurrence.
    I’m sorry to say it but it needs to remains closed until the US’s numbers go down. They are an extremely high risk country and We don’t need to allow the free flow of people back and forth. It might be different if it were only those from the UP that were allowed to cross but we all know that’s not possible to enforce.

  5. needs to stay closed…..dont jeopardize sault ontario just because they miss canadian dollars…they just listed 3 new exposure sites in 4 hrs

  6. They never stopped the flights.I think they were more of a problem then land borders.They got it backwards in my opinion.Always cases coming in on flights.But thats all about the money with the airline industries.No concern for people who actually live in border towns.The ones who dont are the ones who control the polls.Its not about safety anymore its about keeping citizens prisoners in their own countries.

  7. Disagree.Time to start a phased reopening.Helps both communities.Not that many people travelling from southern states to cross this border with winter coming.If anything canadians will head south and for more then an isolation of 14 days.If people are scared dont cross.

  8. Please reopen the border. The mayor of Soo,MI is right in that our covid numbers/cases are minute and so are theirs. We do not live in big, metropolitan cities. I suppose if someone crosses the border and goes beyond the border cities, perhaps a 14 day quarantine would be in order. But yes, PLEASE reopen the Sault borders!!

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