“Unlock Michigan” achieves petition goal to strip Governor’s emergency powers

Gretchen Whitmer

A Michigan law that gives Governor Whitmer her emergency powers has come under considerable criticism and may be challenged.

The “Unlock Michigan” effort to have the Emergency Power of Governor Act repealed in front of the Legislature achieved 500,000 signatures.

A website dedicated to the movement states – “Unlock Michigan is the statewide petition drive to END Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s endless shutdown and restore checks and balances to the state before the economy is destroyed and it’s too late. The campaign is underway, and we need you. YOU are the key to unlocking Michigan!”

As of September 23, a group called Stand Up Michigan who appears to be affiliated with Unlock Michigan said it had achieved the goal. Ron Armstrong a spokesperson for the group announced it on Facebook.

“Unbelievable … Nobody believed we could do it and it’s done,” said Armstrong.

The state will have the petition within the next week according to Armstrong. The state must then review it and make sure all the signatures are valid, with no duplicates appearing.

The petition, which is backed by Michigan GOP, Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and other Republicans in the Legislature could then possibly end up in the Legislature for a vote.

Two laws in the state of Michigan give Whitmer her power, the 1976 Emergency Management Act and the 1945 Emergency Powers of the Governor Act. The first needs the state of emergency to be renewed in the Legislature every four weeks. The latter allows the Governor to operated under the state of emergency until they believe it’s no longer needed.

The petition is meant to strip Whitmer of both acts.