Walmart Canada decision “callous” according to advocate


SAULT STE MARIE, ONT.- Starting in mid-October Walmart Canada will no longer be offering its Ad-Match program.

In a statement to Sault Online, Felicia Fefer, Manager of Corporate Affairs for Walmart Canada, says low participation and lineups forced its decision.

“Over time, we have seen minimal usage of our Ad Match program, while at the same time the program has been causing delays at the checkout. As a result, we are discontinuing our Ad Match program in all stores and on effective Oct. 15,” said Fefer. “We are more committed than ever to our promise of saving Canadians money so they can live better and making Walmart a simpler and faster place to shop.”

Anti-poverty organization Ontario Coalition Against Poverty President John Clarke doesn’t buy this explanation and can’t believe they would pick the middle of a pandemic to do this.

“The harsh reality is that poor people in Canada struggle to meet the costs of housing while trying to afford other necessities,” said Clarke. “In doing this. They seek any cost saving that’s available. The loss of the Ad match program would hurt people at any time, but to take it away in the context of the pandemic lockdown and the present economic situation is especially callous.”

Walmart Canada serves over 2.4 million people in-store and online daily.


  1. This is Bull Chip. What kind of delays in lineup over online shopping at Why they are stopping Ad Match on online shopping over Do Walmart Canada bother to answer this question?

    Walmart Canada knows there is not much competition left and especially in last few months when many businesses were closed or forced to shut down. Whereas, Walmart was open for price gouging. If the businesses have to shut down again, Walmart Canada will be ready for more price gouging w/o ad match?

  2. What a bullshit statement from Walmart Canada.

    ..Over time, we have seen minimal usage of our Ad Match program, while at the same time the program has been causing delays at the checkout..

    First half of the statement mentions there admatch is not used much and the second one indicates that there is huge queue management problem because people are doing so much of admatch.
    Nothing but trying to do away with their procurement inefficiencies.
    I use admatch and use self checkout and always they have 5/15 machines on because there is not much queue. This is in Mississauga where population is good compared to rest of Canada.
    Not my favorite grocery store anymore.

  3. To expect something different from a company who doesn’t really care about their employees or customers is stupid. If they really cared, they would have turned tap feature on their debit machines and not close a store if there are whispers of a union. They just don’t care. It’s all about the money for them!

  4. I stopped shopping at Walmart because there were times I waited over one hour in a checkout line because ad matching was wasting so much time. So Walmart lost my business over ad matching. I am glad they are stopping it…I may go back now.

  5. I always compare online priced for my weekly shopping. In my town we only have Suprstorr & Giant Tiger for groceries, Walmart & others are an hour away. Not to bacf for a couple of retired folks to make a day out and stick it to Loblaws. They’re definitely against seniors with their 2for pricings, I don’t need 2 of an item in my weekly shopping… The second item usually goes bad & gets chuckef…. Where is my saving now???

  6. Its insane that at a time like this thats something that they are sitting around discussing why not discuss on getting a tap machine in place to make line ups quicker abd theres about 10 or more labes with no more then 4 opened up at a time why dont u stop trying to hide behind the fact that its barely used thats a lie 8 out of 10 times i go to walmart i either use it myself or see other people using it and iam there every other day as a mother of seven children every dime that u save counts i het really mad at walmart whenever there is a great sale they run out of whatever it is so quickly i feel like there such a huge company why not make certain things more affordable especially food and diaper sales honestly if u wanted to do something productive to help people during this pandemic you would have done it now your trying to make it harder for us whom are everyday customers the fact that we can no longer price match its wrong i hope the learn a lesson from this situation BUT THEY WONT they dont CARE thats clear

  7. No store offers the lowest price on everything, almost all stores overcharge on some things to make up for savings on something else. First Walmart announces that they will no longer be using cashiers, expecting customers to check out their own groceries, but apparently admitted, they will not be passing any of their considerable savings from this on to the customers for this inconvenience. I doubt people weren’t using their price match program. Its probably being discontinued because it would be harder to use their machines with the price match programs. It seems awfully coincidental that they announced an end to the price matching around the same time as they announced using all machines. I am worried other stores will follow suit, I depend on the price match program to help me save money and I sure lots of people do, despite what Walmart claims. I think this is self-serving behavior on their part,

    • Which is a great idea except to ger the lowest prices on everything you need, you have to go to several stores. This is not an easy task for low income families or anyone relying on public transit. Also in these current times, the more stores you go to the bigger the chance to spread the virus. I think this was poor timing for Walmart.

    • Yes that’s what now people Will do. Food basics and no frills also offers very good low prices .. Walmart will loose customers. Now they will go to the store who is selling cheaper and price matches.

  8. This is a very wrong decision for Walmart to stop the price March program.Only the low income family and middle class family will suffer.After paying morgage,Hydro,Gas,Water.Enbridge,internet,phone bills,Car insurance,Car repair,winter tires winter clothes,Lunch for school ,Life insurance home insurance, toiletries ,Toothpaste,etc.I am a mother of seven.after paying all this you are left$50 to get by

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