$400K for STRIP CLUB property: Why a Freedom of Information request? What is Mayor Provenzano hiding?

Mayor Provenzano and City Hall

We want to know why Mayor Provenzano decided to make the citizens of Sault Ste. Marie part owners in the strip club zoned property.

SAULT STE. MARIE, ON – After confirmation from Tessa Vecchio, the city’s communication manager, that the city wouldn’t willingly hand over information about the strip club property at 89 Hudson.

Sault Online filed another Freedom of Information Act (FOI) request.

Mid-week last week, we asked Vecchio for all the electronic and handwritten documents and communications around the decision at 89 Hudson.

Everything between the mayor, staff, councillors, and the owner of the property.

The taxpayer deserves to understand how this decision to spend just under $400,000 on a strip club zoned property came about.

We were instructed this request would have to be filed as an FOI.

The request can be seen below. It doesn’t state handwritten on this form but the final submission did include it.

The city has not responded in any way to this point, according to the legislation they have 28 days to produce the required documents.

89 Hudson FOI


  1. Obviously the property is in no way worth that much, plus I am sure to guess that the owner collected a nice sum from the insurance , unless the fire was intentional!?..The area is not suitable for tourism , a public park , or much of anything except for maybe Soo transit or an offsite for public works for eqipment etc.as most of the housing is old and decrepid! Or build yet another apartment building for low income housing would be the best suited since is 5 minutes away from the “soup kitchen” , transit is right there and close proximity to the mall (for now while it is still open) ..and of course the casino is a stone throw away…yep low income housing with government funding would be best….same as the old hospital on Queen st., that was sold for a song and a prayer! Apparently the owners are fixing it up, was the rumour I heard before I moved away, but it has (had) so much potential, with the river walkway right there and the helicopter pad , and there being much needed beds for the sick , homeless, and elderly…welcome to the Soo!

  2. The only fool out there that should be forced to buy it from the city/tax payers for the same price plus legal fees paid to acquire it in the first place is PROVENZANO! Make him pay for his stupidity out of his own pocket.

  3. There is absolutely no one who was going to spend that kind of money building a strip club in that location. They got taken by the owner and they used our tax money. But the best part is they actually want to convince us that there is another fool out there that will buy it from them for the same price. This is what they think of the citizens of SSM

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