Bidding farewell to Porkee Sausage


Story and Photos By Paul Grimard (special to

Ken Trepasso and his partner/pet (Carlie of the last 10 years seen in photo) Are now closing up shop.

photo by Paul Grimard

In November of 1985, Ken first opened to doors to Porkee Sausage located at 258 Goulais Ave. He produced a variety of ready to eat sausage products like pepperettes, Kobasa as well as other ready to cook products. In 2004 Ken retired from Algoma Steel to focus solely on his Porkee Sausage venture, His clientele was growing and his business demanded more of him with production.

Photo by Paul Grimard

Over the years Ken says that it was a lot of work to keep things going and adapting to government regulations over the years meant the ability to adapt to change. Now after 35 years, Ken is ready for retirement.

He is now liquidating assets and preparation products such as packaging and sausage casings. Ken would like to extend a word of thanks to all his customers that supported him over the years for their patronage.


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