Blake Avenue

McNabb and Blake

Council decided on Tuesday to direct staff to look at Blake Avenue since Sackville Road has been kicked to the next city council in 2023.

In a motion brought forward by Councillor Shoemaker and Dufour, the staff are looking at the possibility of adding Blake Ave. to the list of roads to be upgraded.

According to Cllr Shoemaker, this may alleviate traffic congestion on Great Northern Road.

“I think that projects such as this one, I’ll be at it’s further south down Great Nothern Road, can help ease congestion at a fraction of the cost,” said Shoemaker. “if we’re going to be deferring the side of the road extension, I think that we can use the freeing up of the funds in the capital budget to help congestion on Great Northern.”

Mayor Provenzano received clarification from Shoemaker that this was meant to direct staff to bring information back to the council and not to reprioritize projects in the capital plan. Mayor Provenzano gave a word of caution to councillors.

“I think we want to be careful that we don’t we don’t as mayor and council get into moving projects all around on a consistent basis because that can become, you know, very political,” said Provenzano. “Any of you could move projects forward in your wards and you could always be voting on and which ones up and down.”

He continued by saying he didn’t think asking for information was a bad thing to help reduce a problem that already exists and did vote in favour of the motion.

Staff will study Blake Avenue. There was no time frame given for when the results will return to the council.


  1. lol congestion it takes you less than a half hour to get to one side of the city from the other, maybe downtown, or Jamestown maybe bring the sexy back to what could be the up and coming i thing other ppl will invest in the area if they see the city actually beautifying the ole girl

  2. Money better spent resurfacing existing roads, not making new ones that will fall into disrepair like the rest of them. Fix what we have before adding new ones.

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