Capital Projects approved at Algoma District School Board Meeting


At the Tuesday, October 27th Regular Board Meeting, the Algoma District School Board (ADSB) approved proceeding with the 2020-21 capital projects as identified at the meeting. The Operations and Budget Committee met with Board staff to review projects prior to the Board meeting. The committee is made up of: Trustee Susan Thayer (Chair of the Committee), Trustees Russell Reid, Greg Bowman and Vice-Chair of the Board Brent Rankin. Ex-officio members of the committee are Chair of the Board, Jennifer Sarlo and Director of Education, Lucia Reece.

Total projects for potential award to contractors in 2020-21 at this time amount to approximately $17.7 million, in addition to other Capital Priority projects. Deferred Capital funding will be used to top up 2020-21 projects exceeding funding. Funds received from the Ministry of Education in annual grant allocations for Capital Projects must be directed to this activity only. Funds not expended in a given year must be placed in specific reserves to be used for capital expenditures in future budget years.

The Board will be moving ahead to begin and/or complete the capital projects at the following schools, as approved at Tuesday’s meeting:
• Elliot Lake Secondary School
• Echo Bay PS
• White Pines C&VS
• Central Algoma Secondary School
• Eastview PS
• Kiwedin PS
• Korah C&VS
• RM Moore PS
• Tarentorus PS
• Education Centre
• Mountain View PS
• Isabel Fletcher PS
• Esten Park PS
• Algoma Education Connection / Late school