Cheaper legal weed, a step in the right direction


Lower wholesale costs in the legal marijuana industry are a step in the right direction according to local pot shop Hello Cannabis. But there is room for improvement.

“While they are taking steps in the right direction, the flow of information between parties can always be better,” says Vault Supervisor Ty Jamieson.

He would like to see Ontario follow the example set by the B.C. government and allow for the direct purchasing of cannabis products from licensed producers rather than having to buy through the Ontario Cannabis Store.

Jamieson says while his store generally receives all of the products ordered, there have been some quality issues – particularly when it comes to product freshness.

Jamieson adds some products are getting harder stock.

“One product in particular that we are having an increasingly difficult time getting is CBD products,” says Jamieson. “Lots of folks are looking for products to help them unwind or relax and it has had an effect on stock.”

The Ontario Cannabis store recently stated that legal recreational cannabis was gaining ground on the illicit market and that wholesale prices have dropped.

According to the OCS report, shoppers in Ontario purchased around $126 million in pot during the first quarter of this year.


  1. Absolute nonsense. ‘Legal’ cannabis is preponderantly third-rate at best. It is slathered with dodgy chemical pesticides, irradiated, packaged in layers of useless, ecologically foul packaging, and frequently covered with mold. Its producers lie about its THC profile, lobby to keep its production in the hands of hustler-capitalists, slander small producers, and bribe officials.

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