Chief Rickard stands with Mi’kmaw Nation over lobster fishing rights dispute

Andy Rickard

The chief of Garden River First Nation is declaring solidarity with the people of the Mi’kmaw Nation in denouncing actions taken against Mi’kmaw citizens over lobster fishing rights.

“The Garden River First Nation stands with our Mi’kmaw relatives in strength and unity in their struggle to exercise and protect their Constitutional and Treaty rights in harvesting their fishing rights bestowed to the Mi’kmaw people since time immemorial,” says Chief Andy Rickard. “We are appalled that the Federal Government is standing worthlessly by as our brothers and sisters continue to be physically taunted and harmed by non-Indigenous fisherman from the Province of Nova Scotia.”

Chief Rickard is responding to what has been an increasingly violent dispute over an Indigenous lobster fishery in Nova Scotia.

This week, several hundred commercial fisherman and their supporters raided two facilities where Mi’kmaw fishermen were storing their catches.

Indigenous leaders condemned the action as a hate crime.


  1. I stand with the people of the Mi’kmaw Nation too! The actions of those commercial fishermen is repulsive. Nova Scotia RCMP were pretty slow to respond and IMO, not enough action was taken by them.

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