City makes a splash removing waterfront bike lane

Bike Path by Station Mall

SAULT STE. MARIE, ON – Construction at the waterfront boardwalk by Station Mall has taken out the bike lane in the area.

A source told Sault Online, the reason for the bike path being removed is to put cyclists on the new path constructed along Bay street.

Tessa Vecchio, the Sault Ste. Marie communications officer, wouldn’t answer directly why the bike paths were being ripped up. Her answer:

Are you referring to the boardwalk on St. Mary’s River Drive?

In recent years, higher than average water levels have contributed to erosion and scour of the shoreline under the waterfront walkway resulting in sinkholes along the St. Mary’s River Drive Boardwalk. The City has been monitoring and performing temporary repairs but reinstatement of the shoreline protection is now required to ensure long-term stability of the Boardwalk.

She didn’t answer why the bike path was being ripped up in order to do this or if it would be replaced when the work was done.

According to the 2020 capital budget, repairs to the boardwalk have a budget of $1,500,000.


  1. Misappropriation of Funds!
    This is totally not Called for! This in so disappointing for the City to remove such a enjoyable Path for Bikes, Wheelchairs, Scooters, Roller Blades during theses Pandemic Times.
    This Path was no where near the Eroding land near the Water, so Just answer the Question, Why? Spend Money for Demolition on a Asphalt Path that was not being effect what so ever. You are Taking Away all the Beauty this City Offered at one Time
    It’s Time for us to Stand Up!

  2. So many people used that path. Maybe it wasn’t built properly in the first place (foundation) and that’s why things are collapsing. Can only speculate since Tessa Vecchio won’t answer the question.

  3. We all know what will happen now, they will all ride their bikes on the boardwalk.
    The idea of riding on this path was to see the beautiful river view, not choke on car and truck exhaust. Another dumb move by the city.

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