City Police Looking For Auto Body Businesses To Repair Smashed Up Police Cars


The Sault Ste. Marie Police Service is looking to develop a list of qualified and approved auto body repair businesses interested in repairing damaged Police Service vehicles.

Any potential proponent must meet the following stipulations in order to be considered;

any and all employees working on Police Service vehicles must pass a record check. Proponent is responsible for ensuring employees receive a record check and shall ensure only those who pass a record check work on Police Service vehicles;
all repair work shall be satisfactory for the life of the vehicle; and
any vehicle, if it is able to be driven, shall be stored securely inside on evenings and weekends while in possession of the business.

Any approved auto body repair business will be added to a list of approved vendors. When a police vehicle requires repairs it shall be placed in the back of the Police Services Building. Police Service staff will notify the approved vendors and they will have 24 hours to attend, by appointment only, and submit their quote and timeline for repairs. The lowest bid will not necessarily be accepted.

Interested businesses are encouraged to contact Gary Mancuso, via email [email protected] for more information.