COVID-19 Case at Sault Area Hospital

Sault Area Hospital

SAULT STE. MARIE, ON – Sault Area Hospital admitted an individual who is positive with COVID-19. Prior to admission, the patient had been self-isolating at home. The patient’s condition has required admission to the hospital. Appropriate isolation precautions have been implemented.

Our front-line teams acted quickly and efficiently to ensure the patient received an accurate diagnosis and appropriate care. We are fortunate that our teams have been preparing for this type of situation for many months.

SAH remains open. Clinics and procedures will continue to operate under the current practice. The hospital is safe for patients and visitors.


  1. Quarantine trumps absolute privacy. Admittance time and area is fair provided there’s any remote risk. That said, I’m assuming the hospital would have notified anyone with any remote risk of exposure.

  2. The patient in question requires the same respect and privacy as you. Were it not Covid season, you would not give it a second thought. Unfortunately, governments, media, and paranoid citizens demand fear based response to an otherwise common situation.

  3. I’d like to know what time the patient was admitted and if the patient was in emergency today at the same time I was!!! There was a woman brought in my ambulance and brought into the triage at the same time I was in triage. Would be good to know!!

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