Crime Running Wild in the Sault: Resident suggestions highlighted

Yellow Police Tape

SAULT STE. MARIE, ON – A quick check of the various social media channels in Sault Ste. Marie shows a part of the city many in power do not want to admit.

The pictures and posts show theft, needles, and rampant drug use all throughout the city.

They are repeatedly posted and even more disturbing are the accusations the police do not care, will not come, or come too late.

In response, we posted a simple observation and an offer to bring suggestions to the people who control the city.

The Mayor, councillors, Algoma Public Health, MPP, MP, and police.

We did not expect the overwhelming amount of responses.

From “good luck with that” to “happy you are trying to make a difference.”

However, a few stood out and as promised we are starting the conversation.

Dianne Diotte is a Keeping the Soo Safe member, one of the online Facebook groups dedicated to calling out the crime in the community.

She echoed the sentiments of some individuals.

“We need an addiction treatment centre here in the Soo. This has been said many, many times,” said Diotte. “Building things to attract tourists, lol, when we have nothing to offer. The hardworking people trying to make their homes and yards look good only to have it stolen!!! Very, very sad.”

Other members agreed and some like Matthew Frank Kot said maybe the police need more funding.

“It’s clear to me we need to increase (NOT DEFUND) our police budget and we need to elect an MP that takes crime seriously,” said Kot. “I’ve already reached out to Conservative MP’s to reopen the criminal code so that punishments will be harsher and catch and release will be a thing of the past.”

“Jail or mandatory rehab, jail and mandatory rehab, longer jail sentences, stop catch and release,” was another reply.

There were other suggestions made which require more in-depth coverage.

We have met and spoken with residents since the post.

There are more stories on this topic in the coming days, weeks and months ahead.

If you have any suggestions reach out to me at [email protected]


  1. The Sault is a criminal hub of the worst type of criminal (White Collar). I mean who is watching the watchers. These types of criminals get Hospital property for a fraction of the price, make themselves CEO’S of the city and are probably the ones getting rich off the drug trade. Like George Carlin said “thier part of the big club and you ain’t, one of them. The RCMP should run a investigation on the petty politicians of the city.

    • Agreed Brad. Somebody didn’t like me posting that I had coincidentally listened to a song about white collar workers by the Beatles the day before *rolling eyes*, so they didn’t allow my post. The song is called Piggies.

  2. Have no fear people if you take the law into your own hands and the cops charge you just plead not guilty and have a trial by jury. I am sure there will be a few jurors that will vote not guilty I would be one for sure

  3. Problem is the government spends money on stupid things then they wonder why we can’t afford to keep repeat offenders/addicts off the streets. They can barely afford jails let alone treatment centres to go with them.

    • Has your head been in the sand?
      On the Stats Canada crime/danger rankings Sault Ste Marie has moving up in severity each year and is currently 43rd most dangerous place to live in the entire country.
      People who moved here have told me Insurance rates increased for them because of higher rates of crime & theft.
      Last month the numbers were release by the Sault Police and break & enters were up well over 100% from last year at this time.
      Downtown businesses and the association typically tell people how great & wonderful that area is and the previous month they were openly admitting and complaining about how bad the crime is downtown – for them to admit that the downtown is unsafe is monumental.
      So yes, crime here is actually running rampant.

  4. While I am not for lock them up forever there certainly needs to be accountability. Sadly neither criminals nor politicians are called in and Canadians seem quite OK with that. Until the criminal fears an encounter with the law abiding (in the commission of a crime) and the politician (at the ballot box) the status quo will be a better option that what is to come. Wasted already enough of my time. Bye.

  5. We do not need a treatment centre here in the Sault, we have one- teen challenge. We do need more treatment centres in general. It’s actually typically recommended to go to a treatment centre out of town in order to make it harder to “run away” on a whim. The problem is the long wait times (months, or years) to get into a treatment centre with tough criteria to get in(you have to call once a week at a certain time usually-for people without phones or homes or even watches this can be difficult). Not to mention the oodles of confusing paperwork and assessments and doctors appointment you need to do in order to get into a treatment centre. Then you have to detox in a non smoking detox centre. We also have a homelessness crisis in Sault Ste. Marie with no availability for low income people. We need a safe injection site and more affordable housing. More funding for programs like the ASH program and John Howard society’s housing stability bank. Or united way community assistance trust programs. The urgent homelessness programs. It’s hard to stay sober when you have no where to live and your world is crashing down around you.

  6. They have time to pull over innocent drivers. Harass them for license and insurance. When asked to Identify themselves and give the reason for the traffic stop they simply say they don’t need to continue to demand private information such as ownership and insurance with no reason to pull anyone over there when you refuse and ask for another officer to come they deny you and then write your tickets for refusing to provide a drivers license and ownership papers then drive directly up to the police station To share your concerns about the ticket and the behaviour of the officer bullying you and stopping you for no reason in this free country we live in and get told by the officer up there to leave the building that you’re trespassing and they aren’t gonna do anything about your ticket that’s the kind of time the police services have here they bully innocent citizens. While crime runs rampant under their feet. That wasn’t the first time they pulled me over for no reason or you are pulled over on your phone and then they stop lights on three cruisers telling you you’re trespassing because you’re sitting in a parking lot on your phone but yet they’re parked at the church is the water tower in and I’ll kinds of other public properties trust passing themselves maybe they should learn to enforce the law as they are law-enforcement and not try and make things up with their lies deceit indignant attitudes And bully type procedures and then fine innocent people for nothing. I have been fighting these tickets but with Covid it’s been over a year now and I haven’t even gotten into court and the best thing the Crown attorney could do when you try to resolve with them is offer you a lesser fine for something that you should not have or shouldn’t even have been given in the first place or profiled and stopped. No Mr. police officer you do not have the right to pull over people for no reason you do not have the right to delay people about moving about and you certainly can’t just randomly stop and Harass people for no reason. There’s lots of crime out there start with dealing with criminals stop harassing innocent citizens

    • Apparently you got caught doing something you shouldn’t have been doing,, more than once from the sound of it.. The idiots that drive with no licence or insurance should be banned for life.. And if you are where you shouldn’t be when you shouldn’t be, it’s your fault, no one elses…

    • Actually Warren they do under Canadian law. Once you are driving on a public roadway the police can pull you over – no reason necessary. As Bill notes apparently you might have deserved to be pulled over.

      There is a simple solution to not be subjected to a police stop. Obey traffic laws and regulations pertaining to licensing and insurance etc. I think you may be one of the thousands of Sault drivers who seem to think they have a Papal dispension when it comes to the rules of the road.

  7. The cops in this town are ignorant and lazy. They have been for more than 20 years now. A buddy of mine did 9 months in jail for their not following investigative protocol to prevent collusion from witnesses and many other failures to get the truth. People continuously break traffic laws right in front of them and the cops ignore them.

    • B.S. Your buddy is in jail because he committed a crime. It’s very unlikely he ran a stop sign. Grow up. Also, stop hanging around with your criminal buddy. Toxic people lead to toxic outcomes.

  8. Yep I made a police report 2 days ago by voicemail and have not heard back from them. My rental home in downtown sault had its basement windows being smashed out last week and it took police 1.5 hours to come to the scene. They said there was nothing they could do and left a business card with mischief and an incident number.written on the back of the card. The house next door is also a rental and the tenants started breaking their own windows the next day. My tenant called to report it and they called her back 7.5 hours later…its crazy….police do not care

    • I’ve had three separate occasions where I’ve called police in the past year. The first time I was assaulted. 2 3/4 hours later, still no police. I called again and asked if there was a problem. I was told they were very busy. I said that’ll be easy enough to verify. 15 minutes later, a cop shows up with an attitude, waving his arms in the air saying “ok, ok, what’s going on around here”. Anyway, absolutely nothing was done. I wanted the guy charged with assault. 2nd time I was almost hit by someone who appeared to be impaired for whatever reason, drunk..drugs..meds…health, who knows but clearly should not have been driving. I took the plate number and stopped in the cop shop and told the cop at the counter what happened and gave the plate number. Response was “we’ll keep an eye out”. I figured they would dispatch a cop and look for the guy and get him off the road at least. Nope. 3rd incident, similar to the first. From that point forward, I decided that I’ll take matters into my own hands if I need to. Thanks for NOT serving and protecting ssmps /S.

      For the record, posted on another local news site on Oct. 15/2020, “Police budget increases to $31.2 million in 2021 Officer salaries, benefits contribute to 2.71 per cent hike in police spending for upcoming year”

      IMO, the current police chief, Provenzano and any councillor who supports him need to go!

  9. I find that the kindness city is going up and a lot of people like myself have already decided that if someone breaks into her house or breaks into her vehicle that taking the law on her own hands is good because of police don’t do anything. One of my friends girlfriends was almost in a car accident I drunk driver hit a car in front of her all the cops did was told him to go home when the driver got out of his car originally he had beer cans smell like beer told the animals drivers that he has a bunch of DUIs and they is under the influence there’s video of it and took the lady that got hit calling the cops from the come down and the cops didn’t do anything they don’t need more funding. if they need more funding then maybe they should do their job I can usually see between 1 to 2 police cars sitting in the parking lot of the water towering just talking amongst each other that to me shows that they make enough that they can just sit around and parking lots and talk to each other.

    • How silly of me. The word ‘defunding’ generally means the “reduction of funding”. If BLM *really means* that more dollars should be directed toward mental health awareness training for the officers, then they can just say so. Defunding the police means a totally different thing.

      • You’re absolutely right Susan. Some of the directors & leadership of the BLM organizations have criminal and even terrorist convictions in addition to being admittedly Marxist and Anti-establishmentists so there’s a strongly suspected agenda there for the defunding of policing.
        The more accurate concept what they allegedly want to achieve would be “re-funding” – a funding overhaul with modernization and accountability for what the funding accomplishes. A reduction in funding on already arguable underfunded organizations if foolish at best and dangerous at worst.

        • Provide reputable sources for this:
          “Some of the directors & leadership of the BLM organizations have criminal and even terrorist convictions in addition to being admittedly Marxist and Anti-establishmentists”

          • Until recently when they received criticism for it, it was even listed on their website.
            In an interview with The Real News in 2015, when BLM was gaining the national spotlight,
            BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors admits BLM is a Marxist Organization evem stating “Myself
            and Alicia in particular are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological
            theories. And I think that what we really tried to do is build a movement that could be
            utilized by many, many black folk.”
            Further, Susan Rosenberg of BLM was charged with a role in the 1983 bombing of the United States
            Capitol Building, the U.S. National War College and the New York Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association.
            She was then was then Arrested for explosives possession in November 1984 after two years underground,
            she was convicted by a jury in March 1985.
            Look it up yourself, plenty of sources are available since it’s widely known.

          • Try google. Their own website said they were a Marist organization. One of their founders has a record for child prostitution charges. Why do you want everyone else to educate you?

  10. Sorry but I blame the police, you get nothing but attitude with them. Take matters into your own hands people, your on your own. From mp to the mayor, useless. Protect your own things and life. Your all you have.

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