Doctors group backing Gov Whitmer’s COVID policies

Governor Whitmer

A group of Michigan doctors are applauding Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s science-based response to COVID-19 – while blasting Republican leaders’ denials and obstruction.

They’re calling on GOP legislative leaders to support safeguards and protect public health.

“As physicians, we greatly appreciate Governor Gretchen Whitmer and her public health team’s approach throughout this pandemic for the past eight months, and strongly urge the Michigan Legislature and its leaders to work with her and pass legislation that can reduce COVID-19 transmissions,” said Dr. Farhan Bhatti, MD, Michigan State Lead for the Committee to Protect Medicare and a family physician in Lansing. “From a medical perspective, we ask Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, House Speaker Lee Chatfield and their fellow legislators to stop dragging their feet and help get health workers the resources we need to turn the corner on this pandemic.”

Shirkey refuses to support mask requirements and stay-at-home orders.

Last week he said Michiganders must “learn to live with the virus” even as he admitted that “the virus ultimately was going to win.”

Over the Summer, Chatfield criticized and refused to support laws requiring people to wear masks in public – claiming people should have the choice of wearing a mask during a global pandemic.