Ethics watchdog clears Morneau of accepting gift from WE Charity


OTTAWA — The federal ethics watchdog has cleared former finance minister Bill Morneau of failing to disclose a gift from WE Charity.

Ethics commissioner Mario Dion accepts that Morneau “genuinely believed” he had paid for the entire cost of two trips he and family members took in 2017 to view WE’s humanitarian projects in Ecuador and Kenya.

As soon as Morneau became aware in August that WE had in fact covered $41,000 worth of expenses for the trips, Dion says he reimbursed the charity.

Because he immediately took “the appropriate corrective measures,” Dion concludes in a letter to Morneau that the former minister did not accept a gift from WE.

WE’s invitation to view the projects was intended to encourage Morneau’s wife to donate to the charity, but Dion accepts Morneau’s explanation that he was not involved in her subsequent choice to make two large donations through the family foundation.

Dion continues to investigate whether Morneau breached the Conflict of Interest Act by failing to recuse himself from the cabinet decision to pay the charity $43.5 million to manage a since-cancelled student grant program.


  1. It doesn’t take a fool to see how corrupt these lieberals are. Simply incredible that anyone with a sane mind would vote for them, leading to their very own demise ie. Freedom of speech being taken away through censorship,,, glad that morneau is … more, the ethics violations of this party is simply astounding, and the MSM just turn a blind eye to it all because they are funding their jobs literally!!!!

  2. So let’s see.
    The Canadian Ethics Commissioner who reports to Parliament was appointed by Justin Trudeau.
    Justin Trudeau’s government refused to release all of the WE documents, and the documents they released were HEAVILY redacted.
    Because of the obvious conflict of an investigation of the PMO by a person appointed by the PMO, the opposition tried to introduce an ethics committee instead, which was shot down by who else but the PMO.
    Nothing to see here folks! Move on!
    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

    • Don’t forget that when the current ethics commissioner was functioning as the public sector integrity commissioner he was under strong criticism by the auditor general for poor performance of his duties.
      Makes sense why he would then be appointed by trudeau to monitor his ethics.

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