Failing Grade: $110,000 to fix a grader


The city spent over $110,000 to fix a grader that passed during the previous council meeting.

Only one question was asked at the meeting by councillor Bruni.

He inquired if all future equipment will have the new piece attached so this doesn’t happen again.

As the report states this is the recommendation from staff and Bruni was told that in council.

That was the only question.

So what happened?

Graders are used in winter to scrape the hard pack from the road that is left behind by the plow shoes.

Did the grader hit a bad patch?

Has it happened before?

Follow up with city staff took several days and did not provide the taxpayers with much information.

According to Tessa Vecchio, the city’s corporate communications officer, the repairs are almost complete.

“The damage was done from scraping ice off roadways. Repairs are underway and almost complete,” said Vecchio. “There are 8 graders in the fleet, 5 owned, 3 leased.”

So this is the extent of answers we are able to get to an over $110,000 spend by the city.


  1. I witnessed 2 graders removing ice on our street last year during a warm up. The first grader that came through was operating it normally pushing material off the surface and clearing the thick slush off the road. The second grader was aggressively digging into the frozen surface of the road nearly stalling the grader on several instances and generally looking like he was beating the crap out of the grader. I ran equipment for many years and would have been easily pulled off a machine for treating it like that. It was notable enough that I brought it up to my wife that night as something I had never seen before.

  2. I do know of a Grader last year in 2019 hitting and tearing off a maintenance cover (manhole cover) and The surounding Asphalt in the 100 block of Greenfield Drive area that left all kinds of large chunks all along the roadway and curb last November, that could do a lot of damage to a Scraper, and the cost to replace the manhole cover and the new asphalt repairs, $$$

  3. How in the h… does anyone do that much damage to a piece of equipment unless they don’t know how to properly operate it? If it happened just scraping the ice off the roads, maybe the city should start plowing the streets properly so there isn’t such a buildup of ice. It’s unbelievable that only one question was asked about this. This council either already knows the answers and aren’t letting on to what the real story is or they just take everything they are told for gospel. It’s like spending money on the studio 10 property carelessly, or how they handled the fire realignment plan with former Chief Figliola, and CAO Horsman feeding them a huge line of bullcrap. They bought that hook, line and sinker as well without researching it and in the end it was proven be a bunch of lies. It sounds like this council is not much better. Councillors need to start asking tough questions instead of swallowing all the crap being fed to them. Get your stuff together City council.

  4. Great work by Saultonline content writers over the past few months getting to the bottom of things.
    Glad to see some actual journalism going on that isn’t just a lapdog of the city council & mayor (not naming which other news site that is).

    • They waste so much money. The Studio 10 property needs to be looked at by someone.

      Also how much has been spent on Gore/Albert lights between the study to remove them, the actual removal, the replacement signs and now the study to change it again? Unreal.

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