Garden River First Nation Chief calls on RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki to resign


The Chief of Garden River First Nation is calling on RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki to resign.

Andy Rickard is taking issue with the RCMP’s response to the situation in Nova Scotia – and in other regions – where Indigenous people have faced violence and racism over fishing rights.

“Over the last couple years under her leadership, she has denied that systematic racism exists in their ranks, where reports, experiences and accounts have said otherwise,” Chief Rickard said of Commissioner Lucki. “The RCMP is standing idle while the equipment, fishery building and vehicles of the M’ikmaw are destroyed. Lives being threatened and intimidation a daily occurrence. Non-indigenous fisherman have no say in these matters – it’s the Nation to Nation relationship with Canada and its government is where it rests.”

Last week, Garden River hosted an event aimed at showing solidarity with the Mi’kmaw Nation in Nova Scotia, joining other First Nations communities, including Serpent River and Mississauga First Nation.

“Traffic was blocked up to a certain point but we ended the day a little bit sooner than expected,” says Chief Rickard of the rally, which drew around 100 people. “Our message was clear and our intention was the bring awareness to the issues plaguing not just the M’ikmaw but for all Indigenous people, coast to coast.”