Green party won’t support Liberals on throne-speech vote, new leader says

Annamie Paul

OTTAWA — New Green party Leader Annamie Paul says her party won’t support the Liberal government’s speech from the throne.

Paul says there were some very good things in the Liberals’ agenda-setting speech last month but the Green party won’t support it because it lacks a plan to protect those living in long-term care from COVID-19.

She said the speech also didn’t promise a guaranteed livable income that would make Canadians more resilient against economic shocks.

Paul says she is pleased to see the government has extended emergency pandemic benefits to those who are most in need, but she says the plan still leaves out too many Canadians, including students.

The new leader said the Liberal government is also failing to demonstrate national and international leadership on climate change and the Green party could not support any plan that does not protect Canadians’ future.

The New Democrats’ Jagmeet Singh has said his party will support the speech, which would give the Liberals the votes they need to continue governing.