Halloween Houses – Open for Business

Halloween House

Whether This is Halloween, The Monster Mash or Ghostbusters is your jam, if you love Halloween, then you love Halloween themed houses.

You’re in luck. I spent the last couple of nights searching the streets of Sault Ste. Marie going to homes recommended to be seen.

I spoke with a few of the owners if they were available about their freaky fear-inspiring front yards.

“Because the kids haven’t really had a chance to get out of the house because of COVID,” said Keith Bowser, owner of an elaborate set at 531 Bush Street. “This is a nice chance for them to at least enjoy the lights and the Halloween decorations.”

The home at 581 Bush St. is a must-see if you are a Halloween enthusiast like myself.

A home on St. Mary’s avenue features some motion-activated freakiness that is “done for the kids” according to the owner.

St. Mary’s Ave.

A trip out to 143 Churchill takes you to the home of Kye Carter. She said it’s a tradition in her family to decorate.

“We’re hoping the kids can still have some fun this year,” said Carter. “Because basically everything else has been ruined for them, we’re trying to do stuff for the kids as much as we can for Halloween”

If you’re closer to the east side you might want to check out the houses on Kohler st. and Simpson St.

The owner of Kohler street explained he’s hanging the treats from clips for the kids on Saturday and wants everyone to know he’s “open for business” Halloween night. He also explained he’s worried about theft so he brings in the fog machine and large lights at night.

Kohler St.

A house on Simpson street had cars lined on both sides of the street and driveway waiting to watch the lights. Although unavailable for comment it is the other must-see if I had to pick two in the city to go to.

Simpson St.

These are a few of the other pictures from around the city as I explored the streets.

Halloween is fun for everyone around, watch and read around Christmas time as we may be putting houses up against each other in a winner takes all battle of the best-decorated house!


  1. While we are very happy our house was featured in this story, I am disappointed that the author decided to twist my husband’s response when ASKED if he was worried about theft. His actual response was that he does bring in the fog machines and large lights just in case. We have had things stolen from our locked back yard and simply want to ensure our display gets enjoyed by everyone.

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