Huron Shores Council Meeting Wrap-up

Huron Shores Sign

The monthly meeting for Huron Shores was held October 14, 2020.

The meeting was quick and lacking contentious issues.

Council members passed six new bylaws including one to restrict the weight on Dean Lake Bridge down to 10 tonnes and no trucks allowed.

The report suggested some other immediate work needed to be done to the bridge and it was noted these recommendations would have to be considered going forward.

Over a dozen motions were passed.

The motion for the clerk to authorize the preparation of a draft fire service agreement with Thessalon First Nations was quickly moved to closed council because they were talking about negotiation points.

The First Nations turned down the previous offer to continue fire service.

Another motion passed which allowed investigations of Huron Shores Fire Department members to sign out equipment from the department.

KLM construction picked to replace the floor at fire station 1 for a cost of about $14,000.

The council voted to negotiate with the owner of a Green Lake property in order to expand the industrial section in the area.

An ad hoc committee is looking into the medical services within Huron Shores.

They will be looking into everything from long-term care to medical clinics in the community.

The municipal offices are still closed to the public and if you need to meet with someone you are asked to make an appointment.

The next council meeting is Nov. 18, 2020.