Jamestown and Downtown – Where did Mayor Provenzano go?

Screenshot of Mayor Provenzano during the most recent council meeting.

SAULT STE. MARIE, ON – An unexpected and unexplained development occurred during Monday’s council meeting.

After dealing with an almost two-hour-long discussion on the McMeeken arena replacement and the consent agenda.

Mayor Christian Provenzano left the meeting.

“So thank you that’s passed. I’m going to be passing the chair to Councillor Scott. He’s going to take the remainder of the meeting,” said Provenzano. “Thank you, Councillor Scott, I appreciate that. The clerk and the deputy Clerk will support you. Thank you everybody for your time tonight and I will see you soon.”

Mayor Provenzano chose to leave before the Jamestown revitalization project discussion and final decision.

He could have used his position as mayor to fight for the project as he did earlier to fight for the McMeeken when it seemed to be on the verge of defeat.

In the end, the city did choose to invest in Jamestown after almost 20 years of neglect.

Yet no one will ever know how the Mayor would have voted.

Mayor Provenzano missed the downtown security discussion that occurred before it was moved on a point of motion.

We reached out to city communications and Mayor Provenzano for an explanation as to why he left the meeting. As of the time of publishing, the whereabouts for the rest of the evening and why he had to leave remains unknown.

The optics, regardless of the reason, do not look good to some members of the public.


  1. The biggest part of the last week or so that’s bothering me is that we couldn’t spare 250 grand to fix a major problem intersection, but we could find 400 grand to by a piece of property (valued at 75 grand) that no one in their right mind will ever buy at that price???? What’s wrong with this picture ??? Maybe it’s a good thing the Mayor left early, could have cost the city another crap-load of money….

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