Jamestown Revitalization Project

Jamestown Zoom
An overview of the plans for Jamestown which will be done over the next few years.

SAULT STE. MARIE, ON – A draft copy of the Jamestown Revitalization project obtained by Sault Online lists many project ideas for the Jamestown area under various urgency levels and titles.

The document includes the immediate action the city could take (2021 & 2022) and medium-term three-to-five-year goals.

Resurfacing Anna Marinelli Park with a rubberized, accessible surface.

Playground equipment would be added for a range of ages and abilities.

Putting some new recreational amenities on city-owned green spaces including berms/mounds for sitting tobogganing.

Other goals include a dirt surface bike track, small soccer field and some benches/picnic tables around mature trees that could be added.

One of the issues identified by the city is the feeling of being disconnected from the rest of the city.

Immediate plans to construct a pedestrian crossing facility at Carmen’s Way and Albert Street is seen as a way to fix this issue.

One medium-term plan includes extending the hub trail by adding a multi-use path in the community that would connect back to the existing Huron St. trail.

Bringing new businesses to the area has also been designated a priority by the city.

The first thing the planning department would like to do is change the official plan to designate lands along the north side of Cathcart Street and the west side of West Street to permit a mix of light industrial as well as commercial uses. The idea is to create an environment similar to White Oak Drive.

Plans are in place to increase safety in the area as well as foster more partnerships in the community.

According to a planning department member, the whole plan is hoping to be presented to the council soon.


  1. The level of comedic reporting is hilarious. How many city council members are avid meth users?|

    There will never be anything that could ever be considered ‘revitalization’ of the west end. That boat sailed away a long time ago. You can visit so many other places where they have recognized and maintained cultural neighborhoods, Little Italy, Greek Town are two in Toronto. Get off the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit and you can have great Mexican food in Mexico Town.
    Like everything the Sault has ever had worth keeping, Faludi et al destroyed a valuable treasure in our own Little Italy. Lost tourist opportunities and who in their right mind would ever consider locating a business there now?
    Let’s waste all our tax dollars on useless more studies to see what can be done.

  2. Clean up the junkies first. That is the real problem. The park in that area is Nick named “needle park”.and you want kids to play there? Solution. More police funding more police presence. Build a second police department in Jamestown. That would help. You just bought studio 10 property. Use it for that.

  3. Lipstick on a big. There’s a reason Jamestown has been on the decline for decades.
    Very high crime, very high drug use, inconvenient location with poor parking.
    Jamestown revitalization projects are like that crackpot old lady who keeps losing money on a slot machine that never pays.

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