Just One Day – event helps most vulnerable

Members from Sault Ste. Marie Helping Hands and Saving Our Young Adults pose for a photo during the "Just One Day" event. Fall 2020 (Dan Gray/SaultOnline.com)

“This is needed, really, really, needed!” said an individual receiving a coat at the event run by Helping Hands Sault Ste. Marie and Saving Our Young Adults.

Coats, boots, sleeping bags, toiletries and so much more was made available near the corner of Gore and Albert today for the cities most vulnerable population.  Wendy Gutcher is the founder of Helping Hands and works with this segment of the population daily.

“Our community has been very, very helpful and believe we are in desperate need for this,” said Gutcher. “Our homeless people seem to have been forgotten and Sault Ste. Marie Helping Hands is a place they can come anytime.”

“Mario” is one of the individuals who accessed the event today. (Photo courtesy of Wendy Gutcher – Helping Hands)

One of the individuals accessing the event didn’t want to be identified but said it is a lifeline for people on the streets. Another person was observed showing up with just Walmart bags as socks on their feet. Many others came and were given what they needed to help get through.

Connie Raynor-Elliott is the founder of SOYA. They were asked by Helping Hands to join in this event today.

“We do a lot with the most vulnerable people in our city and we joined forces today to make a huge community event,” said Raynor-Elliott. “We do this all the time.”

Organizers wanted to make sure the community knew the event was about the people and bringing them what they needed to get through.

They would like to thank all of their sponsors, community members and volunteers who came together to help make this possible.

Some of the boots available during the event.

Food Basics, Country Style, Frank De Marco Masonry, Family at Algoma Steel. Yes You Can consulting and employment, Jon World Cars Kia, Veronica Mejia Valle, KHALSA AID CANADA NGO and all the community members who donations.

If you need help you are encouraged to reach out. Helping hands is open Monday to Thursday 9 a.m. to 1:30 on Gore St. and you can reach SOYA by finding them on Facebook.