MacPass account holders: time to swap your old card for a new sticker

Mackinac bridge

LANSING, MI – The MacPass toll cards were good, but the new windshield-mounted stickers are better. That’s why the Mackinac Bridge Authority (MBA) is retiring the old cards and urging MacPass account holders to make the switch before the end of the year.

The stickers, which are automatically scanned when drivers pull up to the toll booth, were introduced in September 2019 as part of the MBA’s new toll software system. MacPass account holders along with new customers have been rapidly switching from the MacPass cards to the new stickers, and more customers are paying with the stickers now than cards. Cards will no longer work after Dec. 31.

“We continue to hear from our customers who love the new system and the convenience of not needing to stop and roll down their window to scan their MacPass card,” said MBA Executive Secretary Kim Nowack. “During the pandemic, they’ve also appreciated the quick MacPass transaction time and touch-free toll paying.”

The stickers, which can be linked to a single account for multiple vehicles, cost $1 each. Existing customers do not need to open a new account; they can add a sticker tag to their existing MacPass account.

Customers can obtain the sticker tags in the MBA administration building at the north end of the bridge around the clock, seven days a week. They will need to provide the license plate number, make, model, color, and year of each vehicle that will be linked to the account, though new vehicles can be added later. MacPass account holders can also order new sticker tags online by logging into their account at (instructions at

New passenger vehicle MacPass accounts require an initial deposit of $80 and a $7 one-time set-up fee; commercial accounts require a $200 deposit and the same $7 one-time set-up fee.

MacPass customers can use toll lanes designated for MacPass by the overhead signs, or any open lane. Drivers should still watch for toll collectors and customers walking across lanes.

Though the MacPass is not exclusively for commuter customers, MacPass holders with passenger vehicles can still qualify for the commuter discount toll if they make both a northbound and southbound trip within 36 hours. The toll will be $4 for the first trip but customers will not be charged for the return trip if completed within 36 hours.

MacPass is the only tolling transponder currently in use at the Mackinac Bridge; I-Pass, E-ZPass, SunPass, etc., though similar, are not accepted. Surveys have shown that few Mackinac Bridge customers currently use other tolling transponders.

The MBA still accepts cash, credit and debit cards for tolls. Other payment types on phones, including Google Pay and Apple Pay, also are accepted.