Michigan doctors encourage voters to stay safe from COVID-19 while casting their vote

VoteSafe Michigan

Michigan doctors are encouraging voters to stay safe from COVID-19 while casting their ballots for the upcoming November General Election.

Some examples of safe voting options include voting early at local clerk’s officers, sending absentee ballots as soon as possible via mail or secure dropbox, or simply wearing a mask and maintaining social distance while voting in person on November 3 at their polling place.

“As physicians, we have a responsibility to help Michigan voters exercise their right as citizens while knowing that we can vote in person safely by taking science and evidence-based precautions,” said Dr. Farhan Bhatti, MD, a family physician in Lansing and a member of the bipartisan VoteSafe Michigan coalition. “Voting early at our local clerk’s office can help reduce crowds on Election Day, as well as limit the number of people poll workers interact with on November 3rd.”

The call from Bhatti and other physicians comes as COVID-19 cases increased this week in Michigan.