Nerdcon organizer to Algoma Public Health: “Please explain your reasoning when deciding who has to follow the guidelines and who does not”


SAULT STE. MARIE, ON – A local event organizer is furious that Algoma Public Health allowed a gathering of 270 people at a Sault Ste. Marie hotel this week, while she was forced to cancel her event.

Beth Davison of Vintage Games N’ Junque says she was forced to cancel Steel City Nerdcon, which was set for this month.

She says the event was scaled back with health and safety precautions taken – only to be told by APH that the event will not be allowed to move forward.

“APH called us when they got wind of the fact we were holding an event and didn’t even ask us what safety measures we had in place,” Davison says in a Facebook post. “They simply said ‘We will not allow this event to happen.’”

However, APH has since allowed a major religious convention to move forward at the Quattro Hotel – despite Ontario health officials urging the public to limit social contact in the face of the second wave of COVID-19.

Davison is looking for some answers from APH as to why one event is allowed to happen while others are not.

“Please explain your reasoning when deciding who has to follow the guidelines and who does not.”


  1. Maybe these religious guess prayed to not get covid or spread it so they are safe from it.

    But seriously we need answers because how could one event that brings hundreds of people into our communities be safe and another be dangerous. This doesn’t make sense other than favoritism or $$$$$.

  2. The event at Quattro should not have happened. The event at Nerdcon should not happen. Double standards should not be happening. Noone should be thinking that they have the rightful answers to deal with this virus because nobody has all the answers. Common sense has to apply. Don’t be taking chances that could affect all.

  3. Unfortunately its not just the aph that does this, every health unit will shut one event down but allow another to keep going without even looking into the event or if it’s one of their friends it’s a different story

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