New COVID-19 screening guidelines for schools and daycares: What you need to know

Daycare COVID-19

Ontario’s newly amended COVID-19 screening guidelines for schools and daycares means students with certain symptoms will no longer have to queue up for hours to get tested.

The province’s chief medical officer Dr. Barbara Yaffe says students with the sniffles or a headache can return to school after 24 hours if they otherwise feel fine, adding those symptoms only account for about 17 per cent of COVID-19 cases.

Previously, the Province asked students with either symptom to stay home until they received a negative test result.

Other changes to the guidelines include removing abdominal pain or conjunctivitis from the screening list.

What hasn’t changed is that children with a fever or cough will be required to stay home until there’s a negative COVID-19 test or an alternative diagnosis.

NDP education critic Marit Stiles is criticizing the government’s changing guidelines, saying the constant back-and-forth is giving parents “whiplash.”

“Parents who spent hours in line this week with their little ones waiting for a test have a right to be frustrated at the horrible lack of clarity on when kids need a test, and when they should return to school or daycare,” she said.