No Animal left behind: Safe Haven Rescue


It is early, some days at 4 a.m. and Copper the rooster is doing his thing. Hailey Renaldo wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hundreds of animals have travelled through the doors of Safe Haven Animal rescue since 2019.

Hailey, her husband Daniel, and their three-year-old son Sunte work hard daily to make life for their residents big and small better.


Renaldo holding one of the many animals who have come to the farm.

Renaldo grew up around animals, her love for them is as deep as her love for her family. She would tell you her best friend growing up was not a person but her horse Red, an animal she had for almost 18 years.

She’s been a managing editor, prom queen and now with her family are dedicated to giving a life to animals that were abandoned, found on the side of the road or surrendered because they didn’t fit the mould.

Daniel holding Edna a bearded dragon

Her husband Daniel runs a construction company by day. When he comes home is involved in all of the construction, maintenance of the shelters, fences and yard. Without him Hailey says it would be impossible to continue doing what she does. He supports her and the animals and especially the special cases, Mooana was one such case.

An inbred calf with no chance at life she was going to be euthanized by her owner. Adopted and given a fighting chance by Safe Haven she ultimately passed away three months later. Her adopted mother a donkey named Lucy grieved along with the rest of the farm when she passed.


Mooana’s memory carries on in the #notjustanumber campaign which launched after her passing. She was a unique animal in the farm’s history.

“What I noticed first was her humongous, kind eyes. I was captivated and completely in love with her right there on the spot,” said Renaldo. “Mooana’s memory will live on through the hearts of all who knew her. Her legacy will continue.”

Sunte helping feed all the ducks … he works hard helping around the farm!

Three-year-old Sunte helps with everything … feeding, washing, chasing and learning every day on his “real-life discovery channel”. His mother states he is an up-and-coming Steve Irwin.

The farm takes animals from all over Ontario including as far away as Sault Ste. Marie. Which is a feat with the borders closed considering they are located outside of Windsor, Ontario. However they will go to all lengths for any animal in trouble.

“Safe Haven is also an educational farm. We basically take in anybody and everybody. And we have people come by and we teach them,” said Renaldo.

Some of the paintings done by animals on the farm.

They have a program where you can sponsor animals on their farm. The animals make paintings for a fee and adoption is an option for some of their animals when it’s deemed possible.

If you want to sponsor an animal or have an animal in need of rescue you can reach out to Safe Haven Animal Rescue on Facebook 



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