Ontario Premier Doug Ford says he hopes OHL can return with bodychecking

Photo by Jim Egan Photography

TORONTO — Ontario Premier Doug Ford is leaving the door open for bodychecking to remain in the Ontario Hockey League for the upcoming season.

Ford tweeted Saturday night that he is working on a return to play plan with the OHL that would involve physical contact. He acknowledged that the plan would need to be approved by health experts.

This comes one day after Ontario’s minister of sport, Lisa MacLeod, said bodychecking would not be allowed during the COVID-19 pandemic in a speech delivered to the Empire Club of Canada.

The minister says the decision to ban bodychecking came after outbreaks in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, which led to games being postponed and rescheduled.

Ford says he would like the OHL to return with rules as close to normal as possible.

The QMJHL is the lone league of the three major junior leagues in action. However, eight of the 18 teams aren’t allowed on the ice currently because of Quebec government restrictions.

The OHL plans to start its shortened season Feb. 4.

The Western Hockey League hopes to get going in early January.


  1. Just about the time I start thinking that Ford is doin’ OK with the whole pandemic issue and maybe I’ll vote conservative in the next election, he does or says something so stupid it’s mind-blowing.. His own minister says no way about body checking and he shoots her down??? We already know that bodily contact spreads Covid.. How in Hades is body-checking in any sport gonna help that ???

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