Police caution teen blanket challenge could be deadly

Police car

BALDWIN TWP., ON – Ontario Provincial Police are asking parents to speak with their kids about online challenges.

This comes after complaints earlier this week involving young persons laying on Highway 17 covered in blankets in Baldwin Township.

According to healthychildren.org, teen brains are still developing and the part of the brain that handles rational thought doesn’t fully develop until their mid-20’s. This makes them more susceptible to online challenges, good or bad.

“Social media rewards outrageous behaviour, and the more outrageous, the bigger the bragging rights,” the site states.

“It’s a quick-moving, impulsive environment, and the fear of losing out is real for teens. That environment plays into a teen’s underdeveloped ability to think through their actions and possible consequences.”

OPP reminds the public that taking part in these dares can be extremely dangerous and can result in serious injury or worse.

If you want to know more about internet safety you can go to the Canadian Centre for Child Protection https://protectchildren.ca/.


  1. Seems to me like natural selection in action… Pretty sure most teens can tell you this is a bad idea and the ones that do this are beyond stupid.

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