Poppy Fund wreaths pay for veterans care

Remembrance Day

A year which has caused so many changes is causing yet another one, this time for the Royal Canadian Legion.

In a press release, they want to honour and pay homage to our veterans but in a pandemic, it’s hard to do.

They must follow all the rules laid out to them not just by their command structure but also by Algoma Public Health.

They will be sending out requests for wreaths to local businesses like they do every year.

Unfortunately, due to the limited size of the ceremony this year those wreaths won’t get a chance to be laid.

The wreath purchases are a major source of income for the Poppy Fund.

When asked at a recent event, Helen Stewart the President of Branch 25 in Sault Ste. Marie explained the importance of the Legion and the Fund.

“We need to keep legions going to honour all veterans serving currently serving past and those that gave the ultimate sacrifice, we must remember them,” said Stewart. “The poppy wreath and tagging money goes into a special fund that is strictly for veterans. It’s not to be used for any of our building requirements. It is strictly for our veterans use so if they need something, we are here for them.”

Businesses who still purchase a wreath will have their names mentioned on ONNTV and listed on Sault Online.


  1. Absolutely pathetic and sad how Trudeau has turned his back in Canadian veterans.
    Our federal government committed us to go into harm’s way with poor leadership and all too often poor equipment.
    We entered into a agreement with the federal government who failed and refused to follow through with their share.
    Veterans Affairs Canada is many tens of thousands of claims behind and under Justin Trudeau’s leadership has turned into nothing more than a third pass cheap insurance company.
    Shame on your Trudeau – you continually ask for Canadians to give but when it’s time to support Canadians you claim we’re asking for more than you to give.
    Justin Trudeau you’ve made a mocker of Canada and you’re a disgrace.
    You should be behind bars – do the right thing and step down at least.

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