Quattro Hospitality Management issues apology to the Community

Quattro Hotel

SaultOnline received the following message today from the Quattro Hotel & Conference Centre management team:

We hear you and we apologize.

Your concerns are valid. In fact, we echo much of your sentiments.

Our decision to host a recent event resulted in dissatisfaction from our community. We are doing our best to navigate these unusual times.  While the event organizers and Quattro worked in tandem with Algoma Public Health every step of the way, following their guidance and adhering to stringent public health protocols, we regret the alarm it raised.  Again, let us say we are sorry.

Our community is everything to us.  Trust is earned and we are committed to working hard to regain yours.


Quattro Hospitality Management


  1. Funny… in another article they were blaming Saulites for being angry… and acting disappointed.

    APH definitely needs to reevaluate themselves and ensure they are consistent in the treatment of all people and businesses and things like this won’t happen.

  2. My small business was forced to close due to covid. In phase 2 the Provincial government allowed us to reopen but APH was allowed to override and they made us stay closed with no reason provided, sort of a “just because we said so”. I questioned why other same businesses were allowed to open I got the standard answer “well we’re not talking about them here”.
    APH has been inconsistent with their handling of covid, picking & choosing and playing favourites.
    Guess you have to belong to one of the Soo “mini mafias” or local “cliques” here.

  3. why get upset with Quattro they did what the health unit told them to do, be upset with the health unit or open your eyes to what is really going on the choise is yours

    • They didn’t do what the Health Unit “told them to do”. They acted poorly against the actual advice being provided, while following the rules to the extent as set forth by Algoma Public Health. They had the opportunity to be smarter and refuse service to such a large group. Instead, they ignored the public and were interested only in the money. Add to that the nerve to direct anger back at the community for calling them out on their actions. Go ahead, defend that. I’ll wait.

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