Rural and Northern Immigration Program: How it Works


SAULT STE. MARIE, ON – If you or your family are interested in moving to Sault Ste. Marie and are immigrants than this program might be for you.

According to Paul Sayers, the labour and development coordinator for Future Sault Ste. Marie, 43 people have been recommended through the program since its start in November 2019.

“Candidates can apply as long as they have a permanent full-time job offer from a local employer and then they meet our community, federal eligibility and employer eligibility requirements,” said Sayer. “If they meet our criteria, including the full-time job offer, then there’s a likelihood that they would get a recommendation from our Community Recommendation Committee.”

The committee consists of mostly city staff from various departments. Sayer said FutureSSM, Sault and Area Local Immigration Partnership, Sault Ste Marie Economic Development and the Career Centre are all represented on the committee.

Sayer said if you want more information on the process you can visit for more information.


  1. Notice how he stopped short of telling us that only ‘immigrants’ are quietly qualifying for guaranteed wage subsidies for all of these newly created full time positions.. sounds a little, dare I say it ‘Racist’ to me.

    Bravo to our ‘white privileged’ self-appointed ‘woke’ over-lords.. for not only helping to create the problem, but they’re systemically fixing it for us too.. If we don’t stand up soon we’ll all be sleeping in tents on the steps of our newly obliteratted Civic Center.

    One might easily argue that we are witnessing a Progressively imposed Genocide By Pen & the largest transfer of wealth in human history.. that is, if some one dared to stand up & argue, just sayin’.

    Strange daze indeed..

  2. My son has been out of work since March, can you find him a job in the IT sector or computer programming, since there is so much need for it that you have to bring in people from the other side of the world!!!!


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