Sacked Again: Sackville Road extension pushed to 2023

Road Construction

SAULT STE. MARIE, ON – In a move reminiscent of Groundhog Day, council yet again removed the Sackville road extension from the five-year plan.

Back in 2017, a motion to stop the project was passed by the council while the project was in the tender phase.

The main goal of the extension would have been twofold.

Don Elliott the city’s director of engineering explained the road was identified in 2011 as being needed to alleviate traffic on Great Northern Road.

It was also part of a bigger plan for the new hospital location.

“That needed several things, not the least of which was the third line extension that we completed several years ago. And this extension of Sackville also will provide more traffic circulation in that area,” said Elliott. “More traffic circulation around Great Northern Road, improves access and gives options for traffic to get to the hospital.”

It was also noted the assessment that was done in 2011 would expire if the project wasn’t started by next year.

Because of the decision, new costs will be added when a new environmental assessment is asked for by the council.

The move to push this back will allow over seven million in the budget to be moved to other projects.

This includes the McDonald Ave stormwater project to be moved from 2022 to 2021 and a myriad of projects by the city to be done sooner.

The vote to remove the extension passed 10-1 with councillor Hilsinger being the only one to vote against.


  1. Heaven forbid the city spend money on alleviating navigation bottlenecks instead of creating them. Between the hospital and the new Pino’s light, being able to bypass that mess would be a fantastic addition.

    No money? Maybe don’t waste money on the Studio lot or the downtown plaza (grants or not, the upkeep isn’t going to be free), if we can’t afford to maintain proper infrastructure.

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