Sault College Offers Free Centralized Advertising Option for Local Landlords

Sault College

To further support our students as well as local landlords, Sault College has partnered with Places4Students Inc to make searching and advertising for off-campus housing easier and more efficient. Places4Students provides students, schools and landlords with the highest quality, off-campus housing service. The website provides a large real-time database for student housing vacancies in our area, including photos and text, contact information and property features.

Through this partnership, Sault College is supporting the local housing and rental market while allowing our students to get the important information they need to make an informed decision on their housing and view properties that best suit their needs. To complement this, Sault College will encourage all students looking for off-campus housing to view this website to see available listings and will be offering a free advertising model that will allow landlords to register general listings for free.

“In order to grow our database of landlords for our students, we welcome all area landlords to register their listings on Places4Students,” said Emily Milito, Manager Housing Services, Sault College. “This partnership provides a great opportunity to connect local landlords with our students who are searching for off-campus housing and makes the housing search a little easier by providing a centralized website to view listings and determine what they need and want in off-campus housing.”

We encourage all landlords to post their rentals on Places4Students and we are here to support. We can provide information on how they can advertise rentals in a way that will reach our students, provide general information on the needs of our students and help to answer questions about advertising your rental property.

Visit and post today. We want to assist our students throughout this process and, as such, if an actual property listing is inconsistent with what is posted on this website, it will be removed.

For more information, visit or for general inquiries, please contact the Sault College Residence Office at 705.759.2554 extension 2684 or [email protected].


  1. Never ever will I rent my house to college students again.
    Damage, late rent, calls from police because of neighbour complaints, skipped rent then leaving down, fake references, constantly locking themselves out late at night, sneaking additional tenants in…
    Can’t speak to Algoma U tenants, but my Sault College tenants have been mostly horrible

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