Sault Commission Meeting Wrap-Up

Sault Ste Marie Michigan City Hall

SAULT STE MARIE, MI – The city commission met and only faced one motion that caused any serious contention.

The motion was regarding a rezoning application by the Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District on Armoury Place.

They want to rezone an adjacent lot from residential to office space.

They stated the reason is to expand the current office space 5 feet into the adjoining property and leave the rest as green space.

The property is currently a home that has stood there for decades.

The street is primarily residential so there were some concerns.

The commission had received letters of support and letters against and even the commission was mixed on the proposal.

Commissioner Greg Collins had conflicting thoughts.

One was concern it wouldn’t go along with the master plan for the city, he was also concerned the ISD might move if it wasn’t approved.

Commissioner Kathleen Twardy noted this is her street and brought this unique perspective to the table.

“It is a very, very, very busy street between the Chippewa County Courthouse, the courthouse annex, the county buildings over there, St. Mary’s school, and the ISD,” said Twardy. “I do think that the ISD is great, and they definitely take care of their property. But I am in favor of the home staying the way that it is. And that being a historical structure.”

The commission didn’t approve the rezoning at this meeting but opted to have a public meeting.

It will be held during the normal commission meeting on November 2.

The commission directed the manager to sign a contract for prosecution services, they approved the safe routes to school plan, and the tender for appraisal of lands currently in front of the tax tribunal.

City Manager Brian Chapman noted the city offices will be closed Veteran’s Day for training and staff projects.

The next commissioners meeting will be held on October 13 and is planned to be in-person.

You can check the city’s website for more information on the way it will go closer to the date.