Sault Ste. Marie City Commission Meeting Preview

Sault Ste Marie Michigan City Hall

SAULT STE MARIE, MI – Tax values, prosecution services, and a possible federal grant will all be discussed tonight during the scheduled commission meeting.

A proposal to spend $24,000 on appraisal services is in front of the commission to have a company do appraisals on land currently in front of the tax tribunal.

Seven cases are in front of the Michigan Tax Tribunal. If the city lost each one it would cost the city $19,439 in tax revenue.

The motion to have the appraisal done is being recommended as approved.

The Commission is looking at signing a contract with the County of Chippewa for prosecution services. Monthly payments of $1875.00 dollars. It is budgeted and recommended for approval.

The safe routes to school project will be considered. As proposed, it will be funded by the federal government if approved.

Since 2017, routes have been identified and developed to get kids to school safer. The city has identified Lincoln Elementary, Washington Elementary, and Sault Area Middle School as targets for the project.

If Federal funding of $660,000 is approved the projects will not have any effect on this budget but maintenance will need to be considered in years going forward.

The committee starts at 7 p.m. tonight and can be viewed online through the city’s page.