SSM City Council Preview: What happened? $110,000 repair on agenda

City Hall

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the council meeting this week is moved to Tuesday and on first glance, the agenda appears to have not a lot on it.

The consent agenda, which includes all the items that the council doesn’t intend to talk about much if at all includes its usual non-confrontational items. A couple of those this week include an update on the Best for Kids Transit Pilot and approving an application for the new horizon seniors program.

Read a little further into the agenda and a $111,816.13 repair bill is set to be passed without much discussion.

The attached report explains it is a sole-source contract with Toromont CAT to repair a grader damaged as a result of winter maintenance activities. Repairs required included fixing a bent turntable, front crankshaft seal, front axle shaft, hoses required replacement, as well as a hydraulic leak on the wing, required addressing and a broken step was repaired.

What happened to cause this much damage? The answer is not mentioned in the report. A clue can be found in this paragraph on how to prevent a charge like this in the future.

“In order to prevent this type of turntable damage in the future, the Public Works 2020 equipment tender was modified to include the requirement of impact protection including a heavy-duty dual input circle drive gear box with a slip clutch.”

Why single source and not sent out for a bid? It is sole-sourced because the lease with Toromont CAT requires repairs to be done there.

Why is it in front of the council? Because the council needs to approve the spending as it is beyond what staff can just say OK too. However, if it needs to be approved, why does the report lead readers to believe the repairs have already been done?

What happens if the council does not approve the spending?

Does the council have any other options than to approve the charge if the repairs have already been done?

The repairs are going to come out of the 2020 winter maintenance budget under public works winter control.

An upgrade to Blake avenue is also on the agenda. Watch for a full report later this week on what happened during the meeting.