Steel City Slam Basketball teaches how to work in teams and deal with conflict

Steel City Slam Basketball

Improving core fundamentals and decision making in an environment that promotes maximum court time.

That’s the aim of Steel City Slam’s basketball program.

“We talk about being able to work in teams and how to deal with conflict,” says Jeff Giovanatti, board member of Steel City Sports and coach with the “Slam” program. “Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, and we feel dealing with that adversity will help those who participate in our program to better handle life.”

Adrian Adams, one of the Steel City Slam coaches, believes in basketball’s ability to transform lives.

“Basketball provided me with a great education and has allowed me to go all over the world,” says Adams, adding that he wants to bring transfer some of his experience to the youth who take part in the Slam program.

Steel City Slam’s Fall program is already underway, but there is a winter program in the works for January.

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