Tim Hortons to test deposit program for returnable coffee cups and packaging


TORONTO — Tim Hortons has signed a deal with TerraCycle’s Loop program to test an option that would allow customers to pay a deposit and receive their order in reusable, returnable cups and food packaging.

Once the customer is done they could return the cups and other containers to a participating restaurant and have their deposit refunded.

Tim Hortons says the cups and food containers would then be cleaned, sanitized and used again.

The test program is expected to start next year at select Toronto restaurants.

Tim Hortons says it expects that over time, the Loop program will have a growing number of drop-off locations — both at Tim Hortons restaurants and elsewhere.

The company announced plans to give away nearly two million reusable cups in February but had to pause the plan due to the pandemic.

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  1. YUCK!! Tim hortons…haven’t been there in years. My coffee is much better and I have no idea how much money I’ve saved by not going to that place any more. It was nothing more than a bad habit, the whole process of “going to Tim’s” and carrying the Tim’s cup. I can make my absolutely fantastic coffee a lot quicker than it took to go to Tim’s and get one from there.

  2. So let me get this straight.
    After months of being told using the refillable travel mugs (that we wash ourselves and don’t share with strangers) were too great of a health risk that we could no longer use them, Tim Horton’s now tells us that paying a higher price for a returnable container plus deposit on something we’ll share with strangers after a simple wash is a greater and safer idea?
    In example one the employee handles a potentially dirty cup.
    In example two the employee handles a potentially dirty cup, washes it, then serves it to another customer x1,000s of people.
    There are so many logic holes in all the covid restrictions, how are people not seeing this??

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