Trudeau’s Plastics Ban: Small Businesses to suffer the most

Plastic Bottles

SAULT STE. MARIE, ON – The local Chamber of Commerce is OK with the plastics ban.

Rory Ring, chief executive officer for the Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce told Sault Online they are in agreement with the Canadian Chamber statement released on October 8.

The statement was by Dr. Aaron Henry, a senior director with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

He notes the benefits of alternatives to single-use plastics but says the approach must go deeper than bans.

He is concerned without the ability to recycle the alternatives by building infrastructure such as recycling and waste facilities this will end up costing more money to small businesses.

“The significant shortfalls in waste facility capacity, recycling capacity and compostable plastics production need to be addressed, and quickly,” said Henry in the release. “At present, it remains unclear how this policy will address the current fragmented approaches to disposing consumer products. Without improvements, this policy will result in avoidable higher costs to meet different provincial regulations.”

Henry suggests producers of the waste need to be held either financially or physically responsible for the treatment or disposal of post-consumer products. Without it, the circular economy won’t function the way it is meant too.

“Every day, and every dollar, can make the difference between a business staying open and closing its doors for good,” said Henry.

“Today’s announcement will make little progress in advancing Canada’s circular economy but will add significant costs to small businesses at a time when they are already struggling to survive the economic impact of COVID-19.”


  1. All small businesses have done is suffered because of Trudeau.
    In September 2015 Trudeau openly declared his contempt for small businesses claiming they were tax cheats.
    His small business aid plans have been terrible and full of holes with many small businesses not qualifying, especially start-ups.
    Somehow Trudeau can give 642 BILLION in 2019 alone to other countries, no strings attached, yet the budget suddenly only has enough to support Canadian small businesses with 962 MILLION? That’s only 15% of what he freely gave away. And most of that “small business support” is through business loans adding to the already crippling debt.
    Trudeau is liability to Canada.

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